If there are any Japanese speakers out there, we’d be delighted if you’d consider joining us (SSF and FLC) for this project. Recently, we’ve lost several translators to exams and/or Real Life ™ and/or boyfriends. In short, our need is dire at this point, because it will be difficult for us to continue without more translators. Requirements are as follows:

  • Higher intermediate or (preferable) advanced Japanese fluency
  • Must be able to easily follow conversational Japanese
  • Will need to be available to the editors to clarify dialog and translation questions
  • Good English abilities are desirable

Applicants will be given a test audio to translate. If you’re interested, or if you know anyone qualified and are willing to coerce/bribe/swindle them into lending us a hand, please email me (eclipsed.melon -at- gmail.com) or Springbok (springbok7 -at- hotmail.com).


Check out SSF’s scarywater tracker for the torrents.

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

[edit] If anyone’s having playback issues with episode 13, re-download the torrent and let it recheck the file. There was some 4% artifact that affected the first time I torrented the episode and adversely affected the encoding.

The FLC staff have finally met up with the SSF staff. Better communication! Bonsai!

In other news, 13 and 14 are both nearing completion and will likely be released, if not together, in quick succession. In the meantime, if our gentle readers have any comments comparing aspects of SSF and FLC releases, please post! We’d love to hear feedback about whose fonts you like better, or whose karaoke is superior, or whether you’d like to leave things like ‘Okaa-sama’ and ‘hime-san’ (un)translated, or whether lead-in ellipses are totally a fashion faux pas, etcetera…

Don’t fear; your comments will not in any way delay the long awaited episodes 13/14, but may be used to help improve consistency of standards between the two groups throughout the rest of the season.

Love and kisses,



Updates on the episodes!

Episode 14- This episode is being quality checked and encoded.

 Episode 16- This episode is being re-translated.

 Sorry for the really short post. 

If you haven’t heard the news yet, SSF released episode 11 yesterday. In an unprecedented act of awesomeness, we’re releasing 12 now too.A shout-out to: EagleStorm, SSF’s timer, who covered the initial timing of this episode for us when our regulars were busy; and Cjones, who was heretofore exclusively our lovely uploader, and tried her hand at encoding for the first time. It turned out pretty well, methinks ^_^

EDIT: All standard downloading options up.
 By the way, lemme take this opportunity to scout for any Japanese speakers. If you understand Japanese and enough English to comprehend this post, please please consider lending us a hand. Translation and translation check are always our bottleneck steps, and since one of our regular translators has recently acquired a Real Life, while that merits plenty of *applause* and *confetti*, this problem has only been exacerbated.


Sorry for this extremely late update.  Teachers in my school thought it would be a great idea to load students with 5 projects all at once.  Anyways, the updates:
Episode 11: Yes, its an odd number! I have heard that SSF is almost finished with their episode, just need to finish encoding.
Episode 12: We’re having a slight difficulty with the translation, but it should be solved soon.
 Episode 16: BAD NEWS.  The script got deleted, meaning it has to be re-translated.  But our quick and trusty translator is on her well-deserved break, so this episode is back to the beginning.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For anyone unlucky enough to be checking a fansubbing blog on Valentine’s Day, here’s an update for you all  🙂

Episode 12 has been timed, edited, and encoded — we’re in the final stages of QC right now, and may re-encode if necessary. Before you ask, I don’t know how far along SSF is with episode 11. We’ve taken significant steps towards joint subs or whatnot, but like all good things, this’ll take some time. But don’t worry. I promise to be bitchy and poke at our current avenues of communication relentlessly  ^_^

Happy romancing, SaiMono fans.