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So we were thinking: Maybe subs will be released faster if we do merge the groups, just like many of you suggested. So we decided to ask SSS. Right now, we’re not at the point of releasing joint subs, but we’re certainly working to get there. I hope this will somewhat speed things up, but for right now, we’re still trying to figure everything out.


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Episode 10: released!

It took you guys long enough to do that damn encode, you say? Yes, yes it did. There were computer problems and availability problems and unanswered questions. If you scold us, I may bite you =P

Anyway, here are the distro links, which will also be added to the Releases page.

DDL options:

The all-powerful torrent, and the Veoh link.

If for some burning reason you want the final script for softsubs, too, here’s the link to a copy of that.

We won’t be uploading to CrunchyRoll, apparently, because Crystalis’ version is already up there.

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Episode 12 Update

I’m so sorry for not posting much! Well, we finally finished the translation for episode 12, and it will undergo timing! Thanks for all your patience.
A lot of people have been mentioning this, but I’ll just quickly post it here:
Crystalis has been really fast and the have released up tp episode 15! But they are translated from Chinese translation, so they might have couple of weird parts here and there. I’m not saying they have bad quality though! (Envies their fast releases…)

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Episode 10 — softsubs

Quick review: Episode 10 is still in the process of being encoded, but the script is ready, for viewers who know how to use softsubs. If you use Windows, I’ll direct you to Vegapunk’s tutorial. Otherwise, wait for the hard encode, or puzzle it out on your own.

Karaoke is not going to work properly.

MegaUpload: [FLC]SaiMonoII_10.ass
Torrent: [FLC]SaiMonoII_10.ass

MegaUpload: [S^M] Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd series – 10 RAW.avi
MegaUpload: Fonts

For anyone who has no idea what’s going on, softsubs don’t work for them, etc. ad nauseum — the final release of episode 10 is NOT out yet. Sit tight and wait. This is a bonus intermediate step for people to watch the episode early, if they have the resources to do so. It’s not intended to be the general release.

Depending on how well this goes/interest/other stuff, this option may or may not be provided for future episodes. In other words, please comment on whether you find this useful.

– Refraction

[edit] Torrent created for the script.

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Quick review: we do even episodes; Sweet Secret Subs do odd episodes, and they’ve released Episode 9. Here is the link to its torrent, and any further queries about it will be promptly ignored.

Yes, merging with them would be cool in some ways and shitty in others. We know. Expounding more on this topic would just be repetitive.

The episode 10 script has been ready for a while now, but we ran into some encoding issues. It should be done in a week, but don’t quote me on that.

On another tentative note that may never materialize — how many people would be interested in softsub availability? If you’re not aware what that means, I’m going to shamelessly direct you to Vegapunk’s guide on them and refuse to answer questions. And I’ll say it right now: if you don’t use Windows, tough luck on this option, ‘cuz I won’t know how to work it.

– Refraction

P.S. Happy 2008, kids 🙂

[edit] Since there seems to be some confusion about the softsub thing —  I meant whether anyone incredibly impatient wants the scripts before the final encode comes out. We’ll still be encoding hardsubs as usual, regardless of whether this happens or not.

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