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Episode 8

Episode 8 is now available! Thank you for waiting so long, and I hope you will enjoy it. Just a reminder: The releases can be downloaded at the “release” page! Please do not ask where you can download it. Thank you.

Update: The Torrent, Veoh and Crunchyroll links are now available. Again, they are all in the release page. Enjoy!


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Episodes Update

Episode 8: We are well in our way on encoding, and are near to qc-ing the sub. Looks like there’s no need to wait for the release this time!

Episode 10: Translation is done, so the next step is proof-reading. This one was translated by Ryel and I, if anyone cares.

About SSS: They seemed to be having a bit of a trouble right now, but we don’t know much info. We’ll update on this as soon as we can.

Other Fansub Group: Thank you to a lot of people who made comments telling me there’s two other groups who wants to sub saiunkoku! But right now, it seems the series is active (but I don’t mean dropped) so we will just continue working as we did before.

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You are probably looking at the title and thinking “why did they skip epsisode 10 and 12?” Well, we didn’t. It’s just that our new translator, Ryel, started with episode 14, and she finished it before I could finish episode 10. It looks like I should pick up my pace, or get stripped from the title “Head Tranlator.” But for the fans, I’m sure this piece of news is wonderful, because this means that the episode translations will be super fast!

Someone asked me what would happen if we finished episode 8 before episode 10. The current thought I have right now is to wait for a bit, and if sweet secret subs shows no sign of releasing it, we might release it before hand. But I need to discuss this matter with the team, so this is just a thought, and not the final decision.

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We have finally started encoding episode 8! There was some techincal difficulties (love saying those words…) but I’m hoping it is fixed. And also, we have a new translator, Ryel! If you have read the post on the helpers page, you will know who I’m talking about! More translator!!!

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