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Right, so I’ve been getting the same questions over and over again, and no matter how many times I answer it on the comments AND the posts, I still get them, so I have made a “Q&A” page. Please check there before posting a question up.

We are still at the translation check stage, and there are some really funky ones… Like “governor of Sa border.” Just had to share it with you guys.


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Answering and Updating

OK, so I have been asked this question, and probably will be asked the same question in the future. “How long does it take to sub one episode?” OK, unfortunately, we don’t have a specific date. Not all of us can work on subbing the whole time since we have other things to do, such as school and homework. (gah) I honestly don’t know how some groups can sub it so fast… The second question was “Where can I download season 2” or “Where can I download your releases?” If I remember correctly, I already answered the question, and it is in the RELEASE PAGE!!!

Our members are finally coming back from their break, and kikyo88 has already started on the timing. I shall be starting the translation for episode 10, so the release wouldn’t be really late like episode 6.

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Episode 8 Translation

Episode 8 translation is done. For this episode, we have decided to use iced_wine’s, an user at livejournal, translation (with the person’s consent, of course.) Therefore, you guys will not have to wait really long like last time. (Or so I hope.)

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