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Episode 6 Release

OK, so I was confused at something, but anyways, EPISODE 6 CAN NOW BE DOWNLOADED!!!! And our staff also worked on the redo for episode 2 and 4, so please check those out. If you are new to the page, or you have simply forgotten where we keep our downloads, please go to the release section!


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A Gift from the Heaven

WE HAVE A NEW TRANSLATOR!!!!! SHE’S AN ANGEL!!!! Yes, we now have a 2nd translator, spicyjuju! I’m hoping that with the arrival of the new helper, things would go a lot faster. We are currently working on episode 6, but our staff wanted to do a 2nd version of episode 2 and 4. (Personally, I think we should keep on going, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t say that out loud.) Meanwhile, I am working on the translation for the Harukanaru Toki no Naka De OVA Omoi no Shozoku, and found out that its much easier to translate that than Saiunkoku. It is a nice break for me. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but episode 6 is not quite ready yet.

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