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Our wonderful timer have finished the timing, and have now sent it to our Subbing Administrator (cause I have no idea whatsoever about the actual subbing part) who will now encode it. (or so I think) Anyway, the episode 3 title is “Birds of a feather flock together.”


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Hajimari No Kaze

While you are waiting for episode 2 to come out, you can listen to the full version for the opening of Saiunkoku! I don’t have the ending, but I can get it if you guys whould like to have it too.

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Someone asked in the comments when the actual video will be out, and I thought I’ll just briefly answer that. The subs will be out when the subber finishes working on it. Not that difficult to understand, right? After it is finished, we will upload it to Youtube. We will also upload it to Veoh cause there’s a high possibility that the video will get flagged, and deleted. Meanwhile, I have been uploading the second seasons on Veoh under the username Quackingmushroom, so please check it out. (If you were a youtube user, you might have noticed my username, because I used to upload the videos there too before they got deleted.)

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It’s finished! I have sent it to the subbing people so that they can start working on it. I’ve decided to work on the episodes over the summer too, because there will be lots of time for me. But right now, I can’t wait to see the subbed Saiunkoku Monogatari!

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Finally finished the translation. I will like probably die if I do this every episode, I’ll probably die. Anyway, if you can’t wait for the subs to come out, you can read the unproofed script.

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I think that Sweet Secret Subs are working on it, but I heard that only the staff can see the page and stuff. Subbing takes a lot of my time, but since summer’s coming up, maybe i can work during summer. As for episode 2, we’re working on it.

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Help Needed

-Positions Available-
Translator, Typesetter, Encoder, Timer, QC,                  



Translator            ^_^

translates from Japanese to English lolz 

Typesetter / Karaoke timer  choose colors, fonts, etc for our releases. Does the text effects/positioning on the text that is needed.
Encoder encodes the raw video with the subtitles. Does the hardsubbing basically
Timer times the subtitles for it to be synced with the audio
QC verifies the translations and checks if the subtitles are properly synced to the right dialogue being spoken

         If you are interested, just leave a post/comment here together with your email address and the position you want.

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