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If there are any Japanese speakers out there, we’d be delighted if you’d consider joining us (SSF and FLC) for this project. Recently, we’ve lost several translators to exams and/or Real Life ™ and/or boyfriends. In short, our need is dire at this point, because it will be difficult for us to continue without more translators. Requirements are as follows:

  • Higher intermediate or (preferable) advanced Japanese fluency
  • Must be able to easily follow conversational Japanese
  • Will need to be available to the editors to clarify dialog and translation questions
  • Good English abilities are desirable

Applicants will be given a test audio to translate. If you’re interested, or if you know anyone qualified and are willing to coerce/bribe/swindle them into lending us a hand, please email me (eclipsed.melon -at- gmail.com) or Springbok (springbok7 -at- hotmail.com).


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